Dr Delayne Gratopp integrative medical consulting
Dr Delayne Gratopp a leader in Integrative Medicine with a focus on Environmental Illnesses such as Lyme and Mold Illness and an expert in IV Therapeutics.


It is my honor to help you on your health journey.

-Dr. Gratopp

We love helping people achieve their health goals!!

Integrative Medical Consulting can help in a variety of ways : Our functional and naturopathic doctors do second consults, remote visits on Skype or the phone.  We have a panel for experts in their fields: functional and naturopathic physicians, chefs, health coaches, energy healers, trainers, nutritionists. Let us help you get to your BEST self!

Our Story

While in practice Dr. Gratopp noted a serious lack of functional and naturopathic medical experts in every state. Many of her remote clients did not have access to functional and naturopathic medicine in their hometowns, it was hard to get them to an expert without incurring expensive travel costs.

This is when she formed Integrative Medical Consulting, LLC to help with the shortage.  Dr. Gratopp partnered with the best experts in the field to bring them to you. IMC offers second consults, remote visits and wellness programs to keep you in your BEST health.  IMC has access to naturopathic and functional experts that specialize in your specific illness to get you the best possible care and answers to your health problems.

Meet the Team

The goal of Integrative Medical Consulting is to provide you with the best possible care and connection to the expertise you need to achieve your optimum health.

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Delayne Gratopp, NMD, MS

Founder & CEO

Dr. Gratopp is passionate about you loving your journey to optimum health.  She recognizes the need for support along the way and has set out to provide that for all of her clients.

Dr. Gratopp has lost 100 lbs and manages her chronic pain with natural medicine.

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Nadine Hokeyam, ND

Vice President

Dr. Hokeyam is the founder of NutriPatch, LLC an innovation in vitamin technology utilizing topical patches for administration.  She runs clinical shifts at University of Bridgeport Health Sciences clinic. Dr. Hokeyam is an avid rollerblader and can often be found rollerblading the pathways of Seaside Park along Long Island Sound with a NutriPatch on her arm.

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Teresa Spano, ND

Naturopathic Expert

Dr. Spano works as a Naturopathic Consultant at Southwest Florida Integrative Medical Clinic in Fort Myers, Florida.

She is an avid athlete, rock climber and dog climber. She has also overcome Crohn’s disease with natural medicine, which is what lead her on the path to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.

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